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Grand Union Housing
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Our Corporate Strategy

The Group's Corporate Strategies are supported by the annual plans of each of the subsidiary associations, as shown in the following diagram:
Corporate Strategy Diagram

We have divided our Group Corporate Strategy into eight main headings.

These are covered in more detail, with specific measurable targets, in each of the subsidiaries’ Annual Plans. The strategies set out below aim to cover a three to five year period but are reviewed on an annual basis. 

Customer services

Our aim is to deliver excellent customer services that exceed customers’ expectations. In particular we will:

  • Strive for consistently high standards of service, ensuring that ethos applies to all activities undertaken by the Group.

  • Consider new approaches to meet the current and emerging needs of our customers (including the specific needs of the elderly and disabled) and the way they access our services

  • Support our tenants through the welfare reform changes.

Value for money

We aim to provide value for money services by ensuring VFM is embedded into all our key corporate objectives and best practice is consistently applied across the Group. In particular we will:

  • Review our internal reporting structures and implement agreed changes

  • Increase the emphasis on mobile working

  • Review contract arrangements as appropriate



We aim to involve customers, partners and staff in shaping the services we provide and will work to find a way to ensure everyone is given an opportunity to do so.

Managing our assets

We aim to maximise the use of all our assets to meet the needs of our customers, both current and future. We will:

  • Make best use of our

  • Review our approach to the allocation of properties in consultation with the relevant local authorities.

Developing staff

Our people are the main resource of the Group. We aim to make best use of the diverse range of skills we possess and support staff across the Group to develop and work together for the benefit of our customers. In particular we will provide the necessary environment, training, coaching and support to ensure staff are able to give their best and achieve their full potential.

Developing and maintaining communities

We will address quality of life issues and aim to improve the places and neighbourhoods where our customers live, as well as their immediate home.

Managing risk

We will be innovative and prepared to take risks as appropriate, but these will be measured and carefully assessed. In particular we will review our overall risk appetite and the way we monitor and review risks.


We aim to continue to grow the Group, but only where the growth fulfils our strategic objectives, is of clear benefit and is financially viable. In particular we will:

  • Build on our status as a HCA partner and continue to provide new homes in line with our development strategy 

  • Provide a range of services for other organisations.

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