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Grand Union Housing
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Our vision, values and philosophy

Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG) is a strong regional housing group with a people centred culture, delivering excellent local services. The Group comprises independent housing organisations which together have: 

  •      financial strength

  •      customer focus

  •      skilled and experienced staff and Board Members

  •      an expanding range of services and products


GUHG’s vision is to be recognised for the excellent homes and services that we provide and to be trusted, respected and valued by our customers, communities and partners. 

Our motto is: ‘Stronger together.’ 

This reflects the strength of the Group and the importance of partnership working to achieve lasting success. 
We aim to ‘deliver beyond expectations’.  


Our values represent the framework within which we operate. 

Integrity       -   we will deliver our promises and be clear about what we can and cannot do. 

Respect       -   we will respect our customers and everyone we work with. 

Quality          -   we will always aim to provide excellent services and products. 

Innovation   -   we will look for innovative solutions to resolve problems and deliver outcomes. 

Listen           -   we will listen to our customers and partners and shape our services accordingly. 

Teamwork    -   we believe we can achieve far more by working together.


We believe we have a responsibility to serve all sections of the community. We value the difference and uniqueness in people, our organisations and communities. We aim to keep our promises, be honest and reliable, and build living partnerships through the way we work.  

The Group has a strong focus on valuing and respecting people. Our strategic objectives are supported and resourced by prioritising staff development and continuous learning. Everyone who works for and is involved with Grand Union contributes to the success of the Group.  

We believe we are good at what we do. We are efficient and effective at delivering local services well. However we acknowledge we can always do things better and will be continually striving to do so by listening to what our customers say.  

We intend to grow the organisation, but not for growth’s sake. We want to provide more new homes and build on what we have already achieved by utilising our expertise, particularly of stock transfer, supported and older persons’ housing, and rural housing issues.

We want to extend the range of services we provide, both to our existing residents and other customers and also other organisations. However we will only do this where we are confident we can provide a better service than others can. Quality is central to Grand Union Housing Group's philosophy. We pride ourselves in providing homes and communities where people want to live.

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