Success Stories

Angie Bott

Angie Bott, 53, was living in Brixworth, renting privately with her daughter after a relationship breakdown. Desperate for a home of her own, Angie wanted stability, not something associated with private rent, and realised her best option was shared ownership. Angie said: “I didn’t expect to be in this situation at my time of life. […]

Bob & Marion Harland

Bob and Marion Harland moved into their gorgeous two-bedroomed apartment in Kings Sutton, South Northamptonshire, just before Christmas 2017. Marion, 66, had seen an advert online for Astrop Grange, a development of 10 shared ownership apartments for over 55s on the site of a former Georgian manor house and, despite being happy with their apartment […]

Ghislaine Watts

Ghislaine Watts, 56, had been privately renting a two-bedroomed house in Letchworth for herself and her youngest daughter since her divorce. The rent was rapidly eating into her savings but she didn’t know what else she could do. Seeing an article about shared ownership, she thought it was a good idea but wondered if it […]

Alex Hardaker

Alex, 27, and his partner Trish, 24, had been living together in a two bedroomed, privately rented house in the centre of Northampton since 2015. They were happy living together but felt that they were wasting their money on renting. They also couldn’t make the house their own. Alex says: “We were keen to get […]

Matthew Platt

Professional Musician Matthew Platt was 55 and in need of a place of his own where his two children could visit. He was keen to find somewhere he could call home after having rented for some time. Then he saw an advert from Grand Union Homes for shared ownership apartments at Astrop Grange in King’s […]

Sid Kendall

Since his wife died in 2009, Sidney Kendall had lived alone in his bungalow in Bletchley, becoming increasingly unable to look after himself and more and more reliant on his family. His son, Mark, says: “Over a period of about two years, Dad’s memory got steadily worse. We’d have to visit or call him to […]

Madeline Faulkner

“It felt like home as soon as we walked in” Madeline Faulkner was living alone in Spain while her husband, Bill, was caring for a sick family member back in the UK. Having made the decision to return to the UK permanently, the couple had to lodge with Madeline’s nephew whilst they looked for something […]

Bill Rainbow

“I thought schemes like these were for old people, but they’re not” Three years ago 61-year-old Bill Rainbow was living in a camper van on a friend’s driveway and was in desperate need of a home of his own. He’d been on the housing waiting list at Cherwell District Council but, as his family all […]

Jarryd Braithwaite

Until a few months ago 27-year-old Jarryd Braithwaite was renting a room in a house in Bedford, having to share his living space, kitchen and bathroom with others. Jarryd was keen to have a place of his own but, without a large deposit, buying a property seemed completely out of reach. Then Jarryd saw an […]

Shelley Fitzsimmons and Kibble

“Telecare is the final piece of the puzzle” Feeling a strong sense of security at home is hugely important to most people, and Shelley Fitzsimmons is no different. However, she has an incredible canine partner and Telecare alarm service to thank for this extra sense of security. Shelley, 43, inherited the rare Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) […]

Michelle Hetherington

“The courses have made me believe in myself” For many people a housing association is nothing more than a landlord. This isn’t the case with many housing associations though, with numerous additional, non-statutory services available for their residents. South Northants Homes is one of those that provides not only a roof over a tenant’s head, […]

Ken Wright

Ken Wright had spent over two years sleeping on a sofa bed in a one-bedroomed, private rented house with a spiral staircase leading to the first floor. This wouldn’t be a problem for most people, but three years ago 53-year-old Ken was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive disease of the nervous system affecting one […]